Happy Birthday to Alternative Learning Technologies!

Alternative Learning Technologies is 23 years old today, although it began in 1989 when I knew that I had to make some powerful life changes within myself. I prayed constantly for answers, and before long, I found myself at a psychic fair in Nashville, TN seeking answers to questions that I did not even know that I had!

Thus, the journey of self-empowerment and enlightenment began! An astrologer at that event told me without missing a beat, “you’ve had a hard life,” which immediately got my attention! I replied, “I am listening, and how do I change that?” While she did not answer that question directly, she did answer it, without me knowing it at the time.

Later, in the consultation, she asked me, “have you ever thought about becoming an astrologer?” Immediately, I looked down at my American Airlines uniform that I was wearing, and replied, “no, that has never crossed my mind.” I continued to listen as she confirmed events that had occurred in the past, so I resonated with the validity of the consultation.

After I left, her words stayed with me, and during the next few weeks, I continued to receive messages to pay attention to the question she had asked me about becoming an astrologer. Perhaps, just perhaps, this would be the avenue in which my life would change for the better. So, I began to devour books on astrology to understand the energy that I had been born into through the lens of astrology.

Little by little, the language of astrology spoke to me and helped me make sense and understand how my past had helped shape my present circumstances. However, it did not immediately help me change it.

Several years later, I had an intuitive realization that I needed Reiki to heal my physical body. I was taking five prescriptions for different physical ailments and was weaning off of them with natural herbs. Yet, somehow I knew there were other alternatives that could speed up the process. While I had heard the term Reiki, I didn’t really know what it was, just that it was something I needed to investigate. Before too long, I was receiving Reiki attunements which facilitated another aspect of my consistent desire to change my life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The next facilitation of that desire arrived in the form of hypnosis when a friend inquired if I wanted to take a hypnosis training. My first thought was, “what in the world for”? However, I was reminded that I also initially felt that about attending a psychic fair, becoming an astrologer, and entertaining Reiki, when the next thought occurred to the tune of, “the last time the Universe knocked on the door, you answered it and it turned out to be good for you”.

Now, the quest became about understanding the nature of consciousness, and how I create my life through the understanding or ignorance of unconscious emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs, and how to change them by becoming conscious of them.

Later, after practicing hypnosis for a year or two, I was led to participate in a neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and Time Line Therapy training, which opened huge doors to consciously changing old thought patterns, releasing negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs, which has led to a better quality of life in the process.

All of these techniques came to me while I was bartending in Nashville for many years and finally came to the conclusion that it was time to create a business that had changed my life so much. Thus, I stepped out with a huge leap of faith that the business would support me and my son while assisting others who wanted to change their life too.

Thus, Alternative Learning Technologies was born and actually translates to Ascending Levels of Transformation, using the tools of Astrology, Reiki, Hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line Therapy as stand-alone techniques or in conjunction with one another. Each person is unique, at different levels of consciousness, seeking alternative solutions to experience a greater quality of life and purpose, so there are alternative tools to utilize to achieve the desired results of personal success!

Alternative Techniques and Tools of Personal Success!

Astrology – A cosmic map of personal planetary energy as a guide to change!

Reiki – Natural energy to facilitate healing with intention!

Hypnosis – A tool to consciously communicate with the unconscious!

NLP – Language techniques used to communicate and facilitate desired changes!

Time Line Therapy – Linguistic techniques to release negative emotions & limiting decisions!

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