"Space and time are modes by which we
think,       not conditions under which we live".
--Albert Einstein
Time Line Therapy™
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Alternate Choices!
By Veronica G. Hartman

The majority of undesirable behaviors that one has, is often
connected to a negative emotion or limiting decision.  For
example, the behavior of weight gain has a lot to do with what is
eating you, as well as what you are eating!  Often, we overeat
simply because of boredom, loneliness, or for comfort.   Imagine
the implications of what it means at the unconscious level, that
the first experience one had with food was its relationship to
survival.  No wonder, the weight continues to come back when
stressful emotional situations present themselves!

Time Line Therapy
is an powerful technique that is very
effective in releasing the emotions, that drives the behavior of
eating for comfort, so that you begin to eat to live, not live to eat!

Another example is that of smokers who often think they smoke
out of habit, which is true and yet you have to wonder; how did
that habit begin?  Often, it started from of a feeling of insecurity
which masquerades as being part of the crowd; after all
everyone is doing it!  Or perhaps it is just to take a break.....
suggesting the possibility of being overwhelmed by too much to
do, or not wanting to do the task at hand.  Regardless of the
emotional trigger that tells you it is time to smoke or eat,  the
process of
Time Line Therapy can release the emotions and
remind yourself that you have alternate choices!
Wings of Freedom
Date:2/17/2005 1:40:54 PM Central Standard Time

Dear Veronica,
I just returned from a trip over the Auburntown Bridge (you
can ask Dr. Cooms about it sometime) and I wanted to tell
you what a difference you have made in my life. Overcoming
my phobia (I still can't believe it!!)has been the most
significant thing in my life since the birth of my children. I
want to thank you so much for your help, my new set of
wings, and this wonderful freedom. I'll be keeping in touch,
as I am very interested in taking your course, anyway,
thanks again, what you did for me is truly astonishing.
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Subj:  Happy with Results!
Date:  2/13/2008
Time: 9:27:31 AM Central Standard
To:    Vghart2@cs.com

Good Morning!  I hope today is a great day for you!

I received my CD yesterday, thank you so much!   I’m doing VERY well!  I’m so   
happy with my results!  I find my energy level is high… my emotions are pretty
high as well!  I suppose suppressing them for so long may be the reason for my   

I’m sincerely grateful to you!  
Subj:  Impact of Time Line
Date: 2/15/2008
Time: 11:07:14 AM Central Standard
To: Vghart2@cs.com

Hi Veronica,

I've been meaning to call you.  I wanted to tell you what happened with my mom a few weeks ago. She was having a very bad day.  She and I were talking and she (due
to her health and looming passing) wanted to be sure to communicate to me her love for me, etc.  I was saddened by her condition and was very emotional to see the
state she is in.  Then, she shifted the conversation to her pregnancy (with me) and the many surgeries I have had.  It was the most amazing thing.  The emotion just
turned off.  The tears stopped and I was completely detached.  It took me a couple of minutes to realize what was going on, but this was one of the Time Line points you
worked with me on.  I cannot tell you how freeing it was to realize that my attachment and guilt and shame was totally gone around this MAJOR trauma/event in my
life.  I knew the Time Line had a  major impact but this was really the first time I got to see it in action.  Thank you!   Dana

What is Time Line Therapy™?
By Veronica G. Hartman

Time Line Therapy  is a collection of techniques which allows you to gain emotional control of your life, by clearing many types of issues related to
negative emotions and limiting decisions.

For a moment,consider the implications of the word time. In today’s modern world there certainly doesn't  seem to be enough of it, it has a value which is
hard to put into words, and it is a great excuse when we don’t want to do something. “I just don’t have the time”, is a common reason given when we really
want to say no. The word time defined by the dictionary states, that time is the system of sequential relations that any event has to any other, as to past,
present or future. Whereas, the word line, means a number of persons or thing situated along an imaginary mark or line. The word therapy implies treatment
of a disease or disorder, by some remedial or curative process.

Taken together, the phrase
Time Line Therapy™ would indicate a process of treating diseases and/or disorders, which occurred through  
sequential events in relationship to the past and which have an effect upon the future, which are arranged in a line or linear fashion. Just as a computer has
data stored in memory, the human brain has the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and retrieving impressions; or of recalling previous experiences. These
impressions or experiences are what we call our memories. The emotions involved in significant emotional experiences or memories, hold the key to the
emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being of a person. Emotional experiences which had negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt,
abandonment, rejection, or shame were often repressed and unconsciously created similar events. These similar experiences create gestalt's (which are a
collection of memories around a particular subject) within the psyche and contains within it, the emotion which holds all of the events together. In essence,
you might have a series of similar events all connected through the one repressed emotion, of which you may be totally unaware. Sound familiar? How many
times have you or someone you knew, continued to repeat the same
experience over and over?  Same song, different partner.

Time Line Therapy™ is the process by which you change the tune of those experiences, by disconnecting the negative emotion which is the
trigger of the event. When a computer stores information on a hard drive, it can only store what is input. It does not know if the information is
correct or not, nor does it know that the information generated off of the incorrect information, continues to create erroneous results. In a similar
fashion, the conscious mind can be unaware that similar events being experienced are actually from the unconscious perception of the first event.

Time Line Therapy™ is a process born from
Neuro Linguistic Programming by which, to shift the emotional perceptions of the memories
stored within. The memory itself is not changed, only the perception of it. This is done by recognizing the “learnings” of what the event was about.
The unconscious mind does not learn from repressed negative emotions, it learns from the lessons of the experiences.

Memories are the recollections of life through the ability to retain significant events. The good memories of love and joy bring comfort in times of
difficulty and sorrow. Sometimes, memories are all we have left of a person, place or relationship. Yes, memories are the long winding road of the
past, which is each person’s own unique time line. Upon this road of time, is the treasure chest of life’s emotional experiences.
Time Line Therapy™ is the key to unlocking the memories of the treasure chest to create the memories of the future. Give yourself the key to
your future memories today!