What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
NLP is a behavioral technology which is a set of guiding principles,
attitudes, and techniques about real-life behaviors, like Stop Smoking,
Release Weight, Eliminate Stress, etc. It allows you to change, adopt or
eliminate behaviors as the awareness of your thoughts and how they create
your reality, becomes the catalyst of change to create your day your way!

How Do You Do That?
Paying attention to not only what others say, but also changes that are
going on in the body moment by moment!  We've all had that experience
where a moment of embarrassment produced a warm flush inside, and a
bright blush outside!  That blush was really a tell-tell insight of what was
felt emotionally!  The study of how people respond to different stimuli, has
resulted in the creation of techniques, to utilize that information to assist in
making desired changes consciously!
Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

Presuppositons of NLP - Empowering beliefs that Master the Mind!
Rapport - How to create rapport with anyone instantly to communicate more effectively!
Anchoring - Application of a trigger to access desired states of motivation, success, joy, happiness, etc!    
Language Patterns -
Changing reality by the Observation of how one uses Language to quality their Life!
Parts Integrations - How to identify and change behaviors that are in conflict within one another!
Strategies - Identifying how behaviors are constructed and how to change them for maximum results
Goal Achievement - Identifying and utilizing the process of how to achieve desired goals!
Submodalities - Use the brain to change pictures of undesired behavior with pictures of desired behaviors!
Representational System - Identify how reality is experienced through the five senses!
Uses of NLP Techniques

Stop Smoking
Improve Relationships
Release Weight
Enhance Self Confidence
Career Success
Manifest Prosperity
Who Uses NLP?

Successful people do!

Real Estate Brokers     
Business Owners
"NLP may be the most
powerful vehicle for change
in existence.....
- Modern Psychology

"NLP could be the most
important synthesis of
knowledge about human
communication to
emerge...."  Science Digest

Thoughts are   
things, they
create reality...

Thoughts are things,
they create reality .....

Thoughts are things, they
create reality............
"As a mirror is a
reflection, of its  
external events in life,
reflect the thoughts . .
in the background of
one's consciousness."  
Thoughts. . .  mirrors of reality . . . .
"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings, by changing the inner
attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."
-- William James
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Attitude determines the altitude of life.
--Edwin Louis Cole
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